Smart Doctor Pro : Policies & General Info.
・Terms & Conditions:
At Smart Doctor Pro Kobe, All our repair service come with a 90 day warranty on parts.
we will warrant against defects parts and workmanship for 90 days. We seriously consider problems and situations that occur as everyday life goes by, therefore we try our best to accommodate these issues.
Warranty policy is 90 days from the return delivery date from the original repair. iPhone 3G(3GS) parts are in warranty if a related issue is reported to us by any means within those 90 days.
Any item shipped back prior to contacting Smart Doctor Pro at Kobe for authorization, will be sent back at the owner’s expense.

SmartPhone Doctor at Kobe IS NOT Certified Repairment. Due to exchange of the iPhone parts. It may not be able to get a warranty from the Apple or Softbank. A technician will replace the screen, parts and check for any other issues.
This is normally a same day repairment.

Smart Doctor Pro : Policies & General Info.

Repair Service Guidelines:

While we make every attempt to repair your device without formatting the data, there are some cases where we will need to wipe the data. It’s your responsibility to make sure you have a backup of all the data prior to the Repairment. Smart Doctor Pro at Kobe will not be liable for lost music, data, pictures, contact lists, etc.

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